Did you know every week we rotate  our beers?  Usually 2 of our taps and we always have a new bottle or can every Friday.  This week for our can we have Almanac's Dry Hopped Pilsner 4.8% coming in at $5 dollars.  On our rotating taps we have 2 beers from our Firestone Tap Takeover: Bretta Rose Sour coming in at 5.3% for $8, and thier Unfiltered DBA an English Style Pale at 5% for $5.  Come on in and try these delicious beers before they are gone!!!!


Firestone Walker Brewing Company Presents: Malts vs. Hops

for all you beer enthusiasts out there you are not going to want to miss this!  On July 30th Firestone Walker brewing Company presents Malts vs. Hops.  Firestone is celebrating thier 20th anniversary with a battle of beers! They will be featuring several of Firestones award winning beers on tap including some very rare and special brews.  Kegs will be tapped at 2pm so dont miss out on this world class tasting!


Upcoming Summer of Soccer!!!!

Thats right folks!!! its gunna be an exciting summer of non stop Action down here at the Bonnlair.  We have both the Copa America and the Euro Cup!  Both tournaments start in June, click on our Sports page to see the game schedules for these awesome tournaments


BonnLair Beer Week Schedule

Sacramento Beer Week is approaching and hopefully everyone is gearing up to travel around the world in 11 days!  As always, we will be handing out BonnLair passports on the first day and every day after that will feature a different country with corresponding beer specials. When you buy a beer from the featured country of the day you’ll get a stamp and a signature from the staff, if you get every country completed you will receive a prize! The dream vacation you’ve always wanted is waiting for you in East Sacramento at the BonnLair Pub starting Thursday, February 25!  We’ll see you all at the departure!


Thursday, February 25: Bon Voyage!

Friday, February 26: Germany

Saturday, February 27: Japan

Sunday, February 28: France

Monday, February 29: UK

Tuesday, March 1: Canada

Wednesday, March 2: Austro-Hungarian Empire

Thursday, March 3: Belgium

Friday, March 4: USA

Saturday, March 5: Viking

Sunday, March 6: Phileas Fogg Day


BonnLair Beer Week: Around the World!

Sacramento Beer Week is approaching this month (February 25 - March 6) and as usual we at the BonnLair are doing our annual "Around the World" theme!  Passports will be given out on February 25 and every day will feature a different country! If you buy a beer from the country of the day you get a stamp, if you get every country stamped you will receive a prize! Stay updated through our website or by liking us on Facebook!